Trust us for dog nail cuts and grooming services in Marshall, MO

Your dog is constantly on the go. From jumping through puddles to rolling in the grass, they're bound to get filthy. Don't let them track dirt and grime into your home. Bring them to The Dog Den LLC for professional dog grooming services. We provide dog nail cuts, baths and blow-drying services.

Discuss your needs with our talented groomers in Marshall, MO today. We'll educate you on our process and prices.

Hire a groomer to get your pup squeaky clean

We determine the price of our dog grooming service based on how much your dog weighs. We also offer add-on services like:

  • Flea baths
  • Sanitary cuts
  • Dog nail cuts
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning

Don't let your dog go too long without a thorough clean. Book a dog grooming service in Marshall, MO.

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