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Waterproof Rear Back Seat Protector Mat Safety Carrier For Dogs

Waterproof Rear Back Seat Protector Mat Safety Carrier For Dogs

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The Dirty Dog Seat Cover helps keep your car seats free from dirt, mud, water, slobber and fur while your pet rides comfortably in the back seat. The seating area is made of our cozy and highly absorbent Dirty Dog microfiber fabric, which dogs love to snuggle on. The extremely absorbent shag features microfiber strands that soak up many times their weight and gently brush off dirt and grime. Keeping it off your expensive car interior!

The hammock feature prevents your pup jumping into the front seat, which can be  a major safety issue. The back rest area and hammock panel are made of durable Oxford water-proof fabric so no part of your seating area goes unprotected. The Dirty Car Seat Cover and Hammock sports 4 snap buckles to keep the hammock securely in place. The non-slip (and non-marking!) rubber bottom prevents the cover from shifting or bunching. Plus, 2 seat anchors tuck into the seat crevices to prevent shifting under paw.

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